Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rebel Rebel

Rebel-Rebel is a perfect idea for a song:

Got your mother in a whirl, she’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl. You tore your dress, your face is a mess, but hey baby your hair’s all right, so hey baby, let’s stay out tonight.

It is not a story about I. It is not a story about you. It is not a story to lecture or educate anyone. It is simply a sharing of a moment, brilliantly put together, brilliantly lined with pop guitar, bass and drums to make you dance. What more do you want from a song?

Sometimes songs do tell a deep and meaningful story, but that is not necessary for a song to be great.

Hey baby let’s stay out tonight, despite all that might be wrong, here’s the silver lining. I don’t care; I even like the torn dress and the mess of a face. It’s beautiful!!!

So here’s to the brilliant song writer who delivers words and music to make you dance and appreciate the beauty in life. Here’s to the true old school delivered with class!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I gave cause I would not to take
I suffered cause I couldn't give up
I gave up cause I couldn't give in
Now I give in cause I just can't forget

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A quote found in the rubble of an uncertain future

It came at a time when civilization on Earth was not interested. Not despondent, but too self absorbed. Politics were the entertainment of the populace in many countries. There was still hunger in places whereas others were filled with a culture of sinful self indulgence. There was terrorism and there was Hollywood. There was ethnic cleansing and there was Silicon Valley. There was God, and there was squalor, and the very word, "God" had been forced into darkness by oppressive regimes. It was accepted that everything should co-exist. There should be choice and there should be rights. There were souls who lived where there was neither a choice nor a right, nor for that matter, a wrong - only existence. One wonders which is which.
On this day like every other there was one idea which persisted in one man’s mind. This idea had persisted since his days of youth and enthusiasm. But those days of fantasy had gone. The realities of divorce, bankruptcy, inflation and low income had taken a toll. Had someone been interested, had someone asked, he would have said his dreams are to create the drive, and give it power. Such was the beginning of a new era on planet Earth.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some kind of sickness

Ignition, get ready for the count down
This is your last step, before you join the Inner Sanctum
To sell your soul, you need to promise your submission
And maybe some day, we will let you see the Vision

I can'd deal with this
I don't believe this
I can't deal with this
This is some kind of sickness

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Surrender

Turn the lights out,
The Knight has fallen
Don't forget me
Don't regret me

All my woes closing in
There is fear in my heart
Catch the tears from my eyes
Take them far away, far away

I know your pain
I know that it feels like rain

Turn the lights out,
The Knight has fallen
Don't forget me
Don't regret me

I surrender the place
Where I secretly burn
Set emotions ablaze
For eternity stay with me

I'm on borrowed time
But thanks for the Bread and Wine

Turn the lights out,
The Knight has fallen
Don't forget me
Don't regret me

I'm on borrowed time
But thanks for the Bread and the Wine
Thanks for the Bread, the Bread and the Wine

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I finally have a mac!!!

OK I am very excited~ After all this time recording with a home built computer I am finally going to record using Logic and Pro Tools. I have not been able to purchase the iMac I've wanted because it's so freaking expensive, but I was able to get this second hand one for 200 bucks! I have to re-image, get the software and an audio interface and I'm ready to rock. I pray that the inspirations and the music always remain.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

something in progress

I've been waiting such a long time
For a love whose bonds can't break
I have searched and I've been everywhere
But I never found this place

It's a miracle
It's illogical

Even when my thoughts are cynical
It's a thing you can't escape

But there's danger out in the night
There's danger that's out of sight
There's danger out in the wilderness
Don't go
Please don't go

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Fall

Words fall from my lips, it's the fall of my life
Floating in the wind, lost I love you's that never come back
They turned red... and now they're brown, falling down
Bittersweet tenderness will never be forgotten
In the fiber of my life

What did you say? Did you love me too?
Did you ever know how much I do?

And now I lay down on the grass
Looking up at wispy blue clouds through dead branches from the past
I wonder why, I wonder when
I will hold your gaze again
For time enough to be the words I tell you

That I am
He who loves
He who cares
He who wants
He who misses you

Now tears fall from the sky
Invade my eyes
Invade my thoughts
Herald the change that time will bring
Now I know that we will Spring back to life

Monday, February 22, 2010

Old days at Stanislas

These pictures are proof that I was once thin!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Music link

Listen to my music on Reverb Nation

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm just moving on

Sometimes all that you have to say
You'd like to see me another day
Troubled times that we put behind
Will never be again

In all the world nothing can compare
To the the love that we always shared
So our paths may not be the same
but in the end, who's to say what's fair

I'm just moving on
I'm just making the decision, I won't fall into oblivion
I'm just moving on
And when I board this train, there's no turning back

Let it pass, let it wash away
Time will heal all the wounds we made
Let the Light shine in front of you
Let it guide your way

In all the world nothing can compare,
But our love had a jagged edge
The troubled times that we put behind
They can never stop you, never stop us now

I'm just moving on
I'm just making the decision, I won't fall into oblivion
I'm just moving on
And when I board this train, there's no turning back

So when I hold you right now
Just to say good bye
Wipe away those tears from your beautiful eyes

I'm just moving on
I'm just making the decision, I won't fall into oblivion
I'm just moving on
And when I board this train, there's no turning back

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Requiemus, or "We Rest" is a dirge. Not a sad thing, but hopeful melancholy.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Indian Sunrise

The music begins...

Imagine if you will, what follows: It involves the
creation of a video of a very special sunrise in a
place far away. The installation includes a scene made
out of life-like and life size sculptures. The setting
is a desert landscape akin to what you might see near
the Grand Canyon. There is a man who looks much like
an American Indian sitting by a fire to your right
looking up at a star filled sky.

The horizon slowly starts changing to warmer hews as
the man starts to dance and shake his staff following
the rhythm of the music. As darkness recedes you see
there is another man on a perched rock watching the
sky with us. They are our companions waiting for the

Light breaks in the horizon as a blazing sun begins to
rise and the two men, standing with their arms
stretched out in a welcoming embrace, sing to the sun.

The music continues and the men dance again. As the
light changes more and more detail of an otherworldly
landscape come into view, and more details of an
unfamiliar face become visible in our closest
companion. We begin to see the shape of a dog-like
figure who sings by his side.

Then suddenly, a brighter light breaks again. A second
sun begins to rise. The disk is bigger and seems
closer, yet not as bright. Once again our companions
embrace the light and sing.

My hope is to say, we have companions under the same
sky. We are not alone.

I hope you like this. It is another one of my little


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wait

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fluid Space

Acceleration is experienced as a change in speed and speed is experienced as a change in space. The experience of gravity is similar to the experience of acceleration but is it the same thing?

Gravity would be akin to an acceleration without a change in speed, that is without a changing change in space.

If you drop an object under the effect of gravity it will accelerate uniformly with an acceleration equivalent to the local vector G. So there is an equivalence between gravity and acceleration but is there also a change in space?

Why not! We do not have to define space as a static. Space can be defined as a fluid with special properties. One of the most important properties of such a fluid would be that it is capable of imploding upon itself. Another one of the properties would be that it tends to implode upon itself into areas of high matter or mass density. Another one of it's properties would be that it implodes into points of mass density in direct proportion to the mass density. Thus one could conceive a unifying theory of space time and mass and energy thus: space and mass tend toward uniform density. As a consequence there is energy in time, the density of which is power...

Yet another stretch of the imagination would be the question: if space can implode, can it also explode? If there is an implosion does that automatically mean a balancing explosion? If so, then where? Ah, the Genesis of universes...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just One Time

Just one time
I would like to know just how it feels
Maybe I could know just what is real
Maybe you could tell me how to feel

Just one time
Tell me why they say it's wrong to feel
Am I all alone to spin the wheel
Is it just a skill, or is it real?
Bring me up to speed, I know it's real
I'm running in a wheel, except I feel

The last time
They told me it was wrong, the way I feel
Something like I'm spinning in a wheel
Film is made of stills, I'm in a reel
But these snapshots of my life, I know they're real
Every one reminds me that I feel

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Painted Sky

I was asked what is my favorite color. Well, that's tough cause as you know I do like to think of myself as an artist, so I like colors in general, as well as form and depth and shade.

I like the colors in an afternoon after a tropical storm, when the water starts to evaporate into a mist, and the clouds give way to rays of sun that hit part of the sky just so, and create brilliant rainbows and stunning shades in the clouds; it's a painted sky.

Then again I like the muted colors of a foggy morning in a lavender field; I also like the stark contrasts of a city ablaze in lights during the night.

I like the rosy color of a woman's lips, and the color and smell of her skin near the neck...

I like the texture of chipped old paint on a barque that has been eroded by the salty sea... and I like the colors of rust on copper and iron hardware on the same boat.

Life has many shades, textures, depths and colors... and I enjoy them all and I give thanks to our creator for giving me this instant in time to love and appreciate all these gifts.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Folly

So this is me. Struggling in life to find a happy medium, yet finding that happy feeling whenever I leave reality in an outbound folly. I am not, I guess, everything that I would like to be; yet I have been told not to put up a front of that which I am not, even if that is what I aspire to become. Everywhere I look, there is a roadblock, standing against me finally flourishing as nothing but me. I have found an easy way out in sacrifice... yes it's an easy way out because you don't have to succeed as yourself, you are forfeit anyway. The prize has always been me. The prize of any life is itself. Yet the worth of any self is in sacrifice. It is a web of entanglement, a mire of thought, quicksand for the soul, the place where you lose yourself and vanish forever from sight. I ask, therefore, is there any sense in all this? Is there life after the loss of innocence? After realizing that one has already transgressed every golden rule and every commandment, is there absolution from self abasement? Is there life after loss of self?

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Calm

Calm, Peace, Serenity: when the water is still as a mirror and the reflections of the world above as well as the details of the world below are all clear, bright and undistorted. Is this the state of a soul at peace? Is this the coveted serenity of the old soul, the nirvana of the enlightened? Is this what I want?

The short answer to this question is yes. But the reality is that I am like an agitated pond of muddy water. How I will achieve peace is a mystery.

Calm is denied in this world of activity. I have accepted to play a role within this game and for now I am stuck. In an effort to win this calm I've begun to shed responsibilities on the financial plane, but this is only a beginning. When there are no more obligations here, I will have a taste of freedom.

Peace is not achieved, as conflicts still rage within me: family, friends, goals and problems with goals all play their part. Ideas of what should and should not be are often in conflict with what is. I guess I would have to part with the ideas in order to truly understand and start affecting what is.

Serenity is a faint and distant idea, but I accept what I have and hope to make positive changes in life. I postulate that serenity is not a path you must walk alone, but a goal and a destination to be shared.

I hope, I pray and I dream...

That is who I am

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


She stands stoic facing death... is it pride, or is it courage?