Monday, August 25, 2008

The Calm

Calm, Peace, Serenity: when the water is still as a mirror and the reflections of the world above as well as the details of the world below are all clear, bright and undistorted. Is this the state of a soul at peace? Is this the coveted serenity of the old soul, the nirvana of the enlightened? Is this what I want?

The short answer to this question is yes. But the reality is that I am like an agitated pond of muddy water. How I will achieve peace is a mystery.

Calm is denied in this world of activity. I have accepted to play a role within this game and for now I am stuck. In an effort to win this calm I've begun to shed responsibilities on the financial plane, but this is only a beginning. When there are no more obligations here, I will have a taste of freedom.

Peace is not achieved, as conflicts still rage within me: family, friends, goals and problems with goals all play their part. Ideas of what should and should not be are often in conflict with what is. I guess I would have to part with the ideas in order to truly understand and start affecting what is.

Serenity is a faint and distant idea, but I accept what I have and hope to make positive changes in life. I postulate that serenity is not a path you must walk alone, but a goal and a destination to be shared.

I hope, I pray and I dream...

That is who I am

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