Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Painted Sky

I was asked what is my favorite color. Well, that's tough cause as you know I do like to think of myself as an artist, so I like colors in general, as well as form and depth and shade.

I like the colors in an afternoon after a tropical storm, when the water starts to evaporate into a mist, and the clouds give way to rays of sun that hit part of the sky just so, and create brilliant rainbows and stunning shades in the clouds; it's a painted sky.

Then again I like the muted colors of a foggy morning in a lavender field; I also like the stark contrasts of a city ablaze in lights during the night.

I like the rosy color of a woman's lips, and the color and smell of her skin near the neck...

I like the texture of chipped old paint on a barque that has been eroded by the salty sea... and I like the colors of rust on copper and iron hardware on the same boat.

Life has many shades, textures, depths and colors... and I enjoy them all and I give thanks to our creator for giving me this instant in time to love and appreciate all these gifts.

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