Thursday, September 2, 2010

A quote found in the rubble of an uncertain future

It came at a time when civilization on Earth was not interested. Not despondent, but too self absorbed. Politics were the entertainment of the populace in many countries. There was still hunger in places whereas others were filled with a culture of sinful self indulgence. There was terrorism and there was Hollywood. There was ethnic cleansing and there was Silicon Valley. There was God, and there was squalor, and the very word, "God" had been forced into darkness by oppressive regimes. It was accepted that everything should co-exist. There should be choice and there should be rights. There were souls who lived where there was neither a choice nor a right, nor for that matter, a wrong - only existence. One wonders which is which.
On this day like every other there was one idea which persisted in one man’s mind. This idea had persisted since his days of youth and enthusiasm. But those days of fantasy had gone. The realities of divorce, bankruptcy, inflation and low income had taken a toll. Had someone been interested, had someone asked, he would have said his dreams are to create the drive, and give it power. Such was the beginning of a new era on planet Earth.

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