Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Folly

So this is me. Struggling in life to find a happy medium, yet finding that happy feeling whenever I leave reality in an outbound folly. I am not, I guess, everything that I would like to be; yet I have been told not to put up a front of that which I am not, even if that is what I aspire to become. Everywhere I look, there is a roadblock, standing against me finally flourishing as nothing but me. I have found an easy way out in sacrifice... yes it's an easy way out because you don't have to succeed as yourself, you are forfeit anyway. The prize has always been me. The prize of any life is itself. Yet the worth of any self is in sacrifice. It is a web of entanglement, a mire of thought, quicksand for the soul, the place where you lose yourself and vanish forever from sight. I ask, therefore, is there any sense in all this? Is there life after the loss of innocence? After realizing that one has already transgressed every golden rule and every commandment, is there absolution from self abasement? Is there life after loss of self?

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