Friday, March 5, 2010

The Fall

Words fall from my lips, it's the fall of my life
Floating in the wind, lost I love you's that never come back
They turned red... and now they're brown, falling down
Bittersweet tenderness will never be forgotten
In the fiber of my life

What did you say? Did you love me too?
Did you ever know how much I do?

And now I lay down on the grass
Looking up at wispy blue clouds through dead branches from the past
I wonder why, I wonder when
I will hold your gaze again
For time enough to be the words I tell you

That I am
He who loves
He who cares
He who wants
He who misses you

Now tears fall from the sky
Invade my eyes
Invade my thoughts
Herald the change that time will bring
Now I know that we will Spring back to life

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