Monday, January 26, 2009

Indian Sunrise

The music begins...

Imagine if you will, what follows: It involves the
creation of a video of a very special sunrise in a
place far away. The installation includes a scene made
out of life-like and life size sculptures. The setting
is a desert landscape akin to what you might see near
the Grand Canyon. There is a man who looks much like
an American Indian sitting by a fire to your right
looking up at a star filled sky.

The horizon slowly starts changing to warmer hews as
the man starts to dance and shake his staff following
the rhythm of the music. As darkness recedes you see
there is another man on a perched rock watching the
sky with us. They are our companions waiting for the

Light breaks in the horizon as a blazing sun begins to
rise and the two men, standing with their arms
stretched out in a welcoming embrace, sing to the sun.

The music continues and the men dance again. As the
light changes more and more detail of an otherworldly
landscape come into view, and more details of an
unfamiliar face become visible in our closest
companion. We begin to see the shape of a dog-like
figure who sings by his side.

Then suddenly, a brighter light breaks again. A second
sun begins to rise. The disk is bigger and seems
closer, yet not as bright. Once again our companions
embrace the light and sing.

My hope is to say, we have companions under the same
sky. We are not alone.

I hope you like this. It is another one of my little


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