Friday, August 15, 2008

The Sign

If there ever were a sign, I might find it in the aging paint, the green and the blue scaling and the bleached and broken wood of a barque that carried my father into the sea. And she who brought me onto this earth, nourished my body and nourished my soul, filled an ocean of tears larger than that. This carcass I see before me carries memories of the man that I never knew. I carry the memories of the woman he loved, only memories alas. The sign is that we should be together and the sign is that they should be together - the memories of the carcass and the memories of mine. I can touch it and see the ocean fighting to keep its bounty, and I can see the strength of man persisting with only the love of God to hold them afloat.

If I were a fisherman, I could never compare with him. However, in the person that I am I carry his shadow and I carry hers, in me they live and love.

So with one final touch, I say goodbye to the past and I give this carcass, with all its beauty, back to the nature that so lovingly created it, opening the door to my new tomorrow!

Jaime, December 3, 1993

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